News Archive - January 2019

Plans Emerge to Simplify 1000s of Pages of Immigration UK Rules

28 Jan 2019 | Posted by Carl Thomas

 According to recent information from the Law Commission - the group responsible for reviewing and recommending changes to legislation in the UK, including with Immigration UK strategies, there will be a review on the proposals of immigration rules setting out practices for the home secretary. At this point in time, the rules in the Immigration environment for things like the tier 2 UK work permit are extremely complicated, with more than 1,100 pages to go through.

The proposal to update the legislation suggests that an audit is needed to make the application for and management of UK visas and the UK work permit more accessible. The audit will remove overlapping rules from the system and reduce the amount of times in a year that the rule system can be changed.

The home office has currently sponsored the Law Commission to complete this project, which will not address issues of substantive immigration.

Anyone who has dealt with UK immigration consultants in the past knows how difficult it can be to understand the complex laws that are currently in place. The law commission believes that the implementation of simpler rules would make life easier for people want to seek a UK work permit, while also helping Home Office workers to decide on cases faster.

This isn't the first time that the Immigration UK regulations and legislation have come into question. Various critics and judges have criticised the complex system of rules for being hard to understand, archaic, and repetitive.

Since they were first published in the 1970s, the rules have grown from a single 40-page booklet to over 1100 pages. According to the Law Commission, the home office has turned to them for help putting the legislative mess right. The new proposals will introduce clearer language, improve the presentation of the rules, and make the guidelines for UK work permit applications easier to follow.