News Archive - January 2019

UK Visas Extended for Post-Study Work Period, Easing Rules for Employers

07 Jan 2019 | Posted by Carl Thomas

The Immigration UK sector for the UK government has finally published its long-awaited whitepaper for updated UK visas, which outlines changes for various rules surrounding British naturalisation and working in the UK. One update revealed in the new whitepaper highlights changes to the regulations for the UK work permit for students seeking their master's bachelors and Ph.D. certifications so that they can potentially stay and find work in the UK after they graduate.

The whitepaper on the UK work permit also indicates that after a full review has taken place, the salary threshold for the tier 2 work permit may be lowered. This means that the minimum UK work permit for people who want to access jobs in the local market could become £30,000. However graduate entry jobs may be subject to an even lower requirement, allowing more employers to connect with graduates from other countries.

Many changes have been made to work permit UK avenues following the recent report by MAC on students, and the rise of a "skills-based" plan of immigration. The government has announced that it plans to improve the current offers given to students in search of UK visas.

All students who want to stay in the UK following the completion of a degree will be able to access six months of post-study leave to remain in the UK. This is a step up from the previous recommendations by MAC to allow this immigration UK option for holders of a master's degree only.

Additionally, those in search of a UK work permit after completing a PhD will have 12 months of leave to find a sponsor to remain in the UK. The new proposals also ensure that there is no cap on the number of "genuine" students able to come to the UK to study. This should help the UK to welcome more students into the country, by ensuring that they can apply to switch into the tier 2 work permit route up to 3 months before the end of their UK course.