Doctors call for clarity on post-Brexit UK immigration system

25 May 2018 | Posted by Carl Thomas

Doctors have called on the government to provide a clear indication of any progress made in ensuring medical professionals can work in the UK, and specifically Scotland, after Brexit.

Dr Peter Bennie, member of BMA Scotland, has suggested that there is currently “no clarity” on plans for the UK immigration, particularly in terms of ensuring the continued hiring of EU doctors for the medical industry.

Currently, figures suggest there are around 1,000 EU doctors working in Scotland, and the UK government has promised that any future UK immigration system will ensure the “best and brightest” are welcomed to the UK.

Despite these promises, Dr Bennie, who visited the European Parliament in Brussels to discuss the future of the medical industry across the EU, stated that the current system of free practice around the EU should be preserved or sensitively updated.

He added that the matter is particularly relevant to the current British medical system, which is “stretched to its limited” and could be severely impacted if it loses access to EU doctors.

"It is deeply concerning that we have seen virtually no progress on a solution that will allow medical professionals to come to Scotland to work after Brexit,” he said.

He continued: "While we have seen some reassurance for doctors already in Scotland and those who arrive during the transition period, there is absolutely no clarity on what immigration arrangements may be in place once we have left the European Union.”