People ‘wrongfully deported’, UK immigration official confirms

09 May 2018 | Posted by Carl Thomas

A small number of people have been “wrongfully” deported from the UK since 2012, according to the country’s most senior UK immigration enforcement official.

After being pressed by Labour MP Stephen Doughty, Hugh Ind, director general of UK immigration enforcement, revealed that “up to five” people have been re-welcomed into Britain after it was pointed out that they were deported in error.

He added: "There have been times when we have brought individuals back. I'm thinking of a handful."

The revelation comes after Ministers stated that they were not aware that any Windrush families have been deported amid confusion over their status. In fact, when questioned, UK Immigration Minister Caroline Nokes stated that she wasn’t aware of “any cases of wrongful deportation” that had been brought to her attention.

As well as the deportation revelation, Mr Ind admitted that there is a “deep problem” with wrongful detentions, following comments from critics that the government’s migrant policy has led to the detention of people living legally in Britain.

Furthermore, Mr Ind suggested that some local enforcement teams have been told they can retain their ability to set removal targets for their region until the end of the year