Sajid Javid to bring Australian-style model to UK immigration system

02 May 2018 | Posted by Carl Thomas

Sajid Javid, who has recently taken over the role of Home Secretary following the departure of Amber Rudd, has revealed that he is looking at plans to replace the current migration policy with an Australia-style alternative.

According to Mr Javid, the Conservative government’s net migration target of less than 100,000 per year should be replaced with an annual quota, which would be managed using five new principles including the requirement of a secure job.

Mr Javid has also revealed that the new system would also require asylum seekers to prove they have paid taxes for a number of years before they are able to claim benefits such as non-emergency healthcare from the country.

Speaking in the Commons, Mr Javid confirmed that he was “committed” to ensuring those who have lived in Britain all their lives do not face deportation, while adding that a new approach to UK immigration is required.

This stance has been praised by Conservative MP Nick Boles, who has urged the new Home Secretary to take his approach even further.

He said: “I believe I speak for everyone on this side of the House to put his own stamp on that policy. We want to see the policy of the Home Secretary – one of the four great offices of state – and if that means retiring some legacy policies, then so be it.”