Science and engineering campaign groups call for UK immigration reform

16 Mar 2018 | Posted by Carl Thomas

The Campaign for Science and Engineering (CaSE) has called for changes to UK immigration policies that they argue are creating “barriers” to the advancement of British research.

In a recently published document, the group urged Britain to make changes in order to maintain the flow of researchers crossing in and out of Britain with the aim of ensuring the country remains a hub for science and engineering.

According to data revealed in the report, almost one third of academics working in Britain are non-EU nationals, and 86 per cent of the public want levels of UK immigration for scientists and engineers to either stay the same or increase.

Suggestions included in the document argue that those within the science and engineering communities should be allowed entry for work and training without requiring a UK visa, as well as the introduction of better technology to refresh the migration process in Britain.

These suggestions follow calls from the group and almost 50 other UK research organisations for the current cap on UK Tier 2 work permits to be lifted for skilled technical and science professionals.

In a statement, CaSE executive director Sarah Main stated that these recommendations could ensure the country ensure the country upholds its reputation for excellence within these fields.

“Although immigration is seen as a heated issue, the situation for scientists and engineers is surprisingly uncontroversial,” she said. “Politicians and public alike value them and want to see more coming to the UK.”