News Archive - February 2018

Labour pledges new UK immigration policy

21 Feb 2018 | Posted by Carl Thomas

Shadow Home Secretary Diane Abbott has stated that parents or carers of child refugees will be given the right to move to Britain under Labour’s UK immigration laws.

Speaking in London, Ms Abbott suggested that the party’s plans have been developed to end the practice of deporting children when they turn 18 if they don’t have the right to remain in the country, even if their parents do.

Arguing against the current approach to UK immigration taken by the Conservative government, Abbott added that it is creating a “hostile environment” where the UK turns away those who need help and those who could support our emergency services.

According to Ms Abbott, Labour’s plans suggest they have based their approach to UK immigration on a desire to fairly and reasonably manage the country’s migration.

In fact, the Shadow Home Secretary argues that the government has failed to meet its pledge to reduce Britain’s net migration figures to below 100,000.

In response to Abbott’s claims, a Conservative Party spokesman said that the new Labour policy could create further problems by breaking up families by encouraging people to attempt a dangerous journey across the Mediterranean.

“Our immigration policy will always support those in genuine need and those who need our help the most,” the spokesperson added.

“That’s why we are resettling 23,000 vulnerable refugees, including children with their families, from the camps around the Middle East and North Africa.”