News Archive - December 2018

Architects May Apply for UK Visas with "Outstanding Talent"

23 Dec 2018 | Posted by Carl Thomas

With discussions around Brexit and the changing UK work permit heating up, many of the experts hoping to gain entry to the UK are already looking into consultations with UK immigration lawyers. Fortunately, it seems that some people with a certain level of skill may have an easier time getting UK visas than they had thought.

Architects that can demonstrate an "exceptional" level of talent or skill will be given "special" visas that allow them to work and live in the UK after Brexit takes place, according to the Immigration UK specialists at the Home Office. Starting in January 2019, architects will be able to apply for UK visas under the tier 1 "Exceptional Talent" category, which can give them the option to stay in the UK for up to 5 years. The Home Office believes that this update will help architects in Europe to work in the UK when it leaves the EU.

According to Margot James, the Minister for creative industries, the UK wants to remain a home to a vibrant and thriving architecture sector after Brexit takes place. This means introducing UK visas that go beyond the tier 2 work permit so that they can welcome internationally-recognised and world-class talent into the country.

The creative industries make up a crucial part of the economy in the UK, apparently worth more than £100 billion. The Home Office has said that it is determined to do whatever it takes to support this thriving sector and make it easier to obtain the Immigration UK support that entrants need in the year ahead. The change to the architect UK work permit comes after Levete had previously issued warnings to the government stating that uncertainties around Brexit could lead to a significant shortfall in the amount of creative talent available in the UK.

Importantly, to gain access to the country with the new UK visas, applications will need to be able to demonstrate exceptional talent or promise. They will need to show that they are internationally-recognised as leaders in their chosen sector of architecture or design.