News Archive - December 2018

UK Work Permit Opens For Top International Models

22 Dec 2018 | Posted by Carl Thomas

Among work permit UK concerns following the impending arrival of Brexit, the Home Office has revealed an upcoming immigration UK route for international models that want to work in Britain.

The Home Office has announced a solution for "creative and sports people" to access UK visas. However, the models applying for British naturalisation must be high earners and have an "international status."

To apply for a UK work permit under the new program, international models will need to have pre-booked work in the UK, and they will also need to have a certain level of experience and expertise in their fields. The Home Office explained that the models approved will need to be established in the UK, or in their own markets. Unlike with tier 2 work permit schemes, there were no specifications given on how much the models will need to earn.

The new UK visas for models and creative workers followers a change to the Tier 1 visas for highly-skilled people in humanities, sciences, and arts in the summer of 2018. The new "Tier 5" visas will be available for people who can prove that they should be allowed to continue their international work within the UK.

Additionally, the Tier 1 visa has been extended to include fashion designers who will be able to apply for five-year visas with UK immigration lawyers.

The move seems to follow a number of cases wherein prominent models and entertainers have been denied entry into the UK - actions that have sparked outrage on social media and on other digital channels.

According to Mile Illes of the MOT model's agency, eight South African models were refused entry to the UK in the Summer of 2018, which had forced them to appeal.

The Home Office is now paying more attention to the needs of creative types, designers and models in the UK work permit landscape, to help support the growth of the fashion industry within the country.