News Archive - December 2018

Tier 1 UK Visas Not Suspended as Planned

20 Dec 2018 | Posted by Carl Thomas

As issues with the UK work permit continue to soar, people around the country have been left perplexed after the tier 1 immigration UK visa was not suspended as planned on the 7th of December.

Despite claims from the home office that the British naturalisation option for the super-rich and investors coming into the UK would be changing in time for 2019, the tier 1 solution remains open.

The discussions among UK immigration consultants are usually around the tier 2 work permit. However, the home office decided to take a closer look at the tier 1 visa after a number of high-profile millionaires and investors were subject to an investigation that suggested these individuals might be using the UK to launder money.

Under the rules of the Tier 1 UK visas, wealthy investors from overseas can visit and live in the UK for a period of up to 3 years if they're actively investing £2 million or more into an active UK company. There are also options to extend the visa for an additional two years, and even apply for eligibility for indefinite leave to remain in the UK.

Otherwise known as the "Golden Visa" programme, the availability of the tier 1 visa route has sparked outrage in the past among people who have struggled with immigration UK laws. However, now that the Home Office has decided not to suspend the visa after all as planned, many anti-corruption campaigners have begun to take the issue further, saying that the availability of the tier 1 UK work permit will simply lead to greater corruption in the UK.

Unfortunately, no reason was given for the Home Office's decision not to implement the previously announced suspension. However, reports suggested that the UK immigration lawyers currently dealing with visa applications had complained that the Home Office had not provided their typical 28 days of notice for any forthcoming changes.