News Archive - December 2018

Immigration UK Applications from the EU Slump to a 6-Year Low

19 Dec 2018 | Posted by Carl Thomas

As it becomes harder for low-skilled workers throughout the EU to obtain a UK work permit and indefinite leave to remain in the UK, the net migration numbers from the EU to the UK have slumped to a significant 6-year low. At the same time, non-EU migration is the highest its been in more than a decade according to recent data issued by the office for national statistics.

The latest numbers show that there were 74,000 more EU citizens coming into the UK over the last year than people leaving for other EU countries. Unfortunately, this number lowest immigration UK level since 2014.

Conservative MP Phillip Lee, known for his decision to resign from the government over the Brexit strategy, said that EU nationals were pillars that supported some of the most fundamental public services in the UK. Vital public services, including the NHS, may be harmed by the lack of tier 2 work permit options available to EU citizens according to Lee.

The Director of the Migration Observatory in Oxford University, Madeleine Sumption said that since the referendum, EU citizens have been leaving the UK in larger numbers. The net inflow of EU migrants, on the other hand, has seen a considerable reduction. Combine the issues around work permit UK options, with the lower value of the pound, and it's easy to see that the UK is becoming a less attractive place for people to live and work.

Fortunately, statistics show that immigration is still common within the UK from outside of the EU. Non-EU net migration is more than three times as frequent as EU migration at present. In the last study into UK visas and immigration, the long-term international migration was 273,000, down from an average of about 330,000 two years ago. According to Shadow Home Secretary Diane Abbot, the data suggests that the government's net migration target may be "reckless."