News Archive - December 2018

10% of Britain's Tech Workers Come from Other Countries

12 Dec 2018 | Posted by Carl Thomas

As concerns around Brexit and its impact on the tier 2 work permit continue to grow, many industries are beginning to look in greater depth at the people they're hiring. According to one study by Indeed, around 10% of the technology workers in the UK currently rely on a UK work permit. The research indicates that tech-related roles are particularly popular among job seekers outside of the EU however, which may mean that Brexit hasn't got much of a part to play in whether the UK continues to attract tech talent to its shores.

Currently, when it comes to immigration UK decisions, four of the most popular technology jobs in the UK include iOS developer, SAP consultant, Java developer, and Android developer. In all of these roles, people applying for a UK work permit from India seem to account for the most candidates.

India's growth as a giant in the IT space has produced large quantities of skilled professionals for the UK. Without India's contribution, it's difficult to say whether the UK would be quite as effective when it comes to technology innovation. Indeed's data reveals that around a fifth of the Indian jobseekers enquiring about work and British naturalisation were looking for tech jobs in 2018.

At the same time, it seems that many job seekers in need of a tier 2 work permit from the EU are most interested in lower-paid, but still high-skill roles in the UK, such as translator jobs, or international sales. Unfortunately, the current guidelines for UK visas say that individuals applying for citizenship need to earn a salary of at least £30,000 or more per work. This may be part of the reason why demand for high-paid roles is rising.

Unfortunately, many of the roles popular for EU workers in search of indefinite leave to remain in the UK pay far below the threshold, meaning that many people will struggle to enter the UK in the years ahead.