News Archive - December 2018

EU Says British Citizens Won't Need Visas to Travel to Member Countries Yet

07 Dec 2018 | Posted by Carl Thomas

In the latest discussions around UK visas and the impending decisions of Brexit, the European Union said that British travellers will not need a visa to visit the EU for short stays following a no-deal Brexit. However, this decision is open to change.

Commissioners recommended that the UK should be placed on the exempt list for countries requiring visas to visit EU member states in a meeting on the 13th of November. However, this policy is dependent on the UK continuing to offer the same visa-free access to their EU cousins. Currently, as with many immigration UK details, the rules around UK visas and British travellers remain uncertain.

Experts suggest that the decision to keep the UK on the visa exemption list is "unlikely" to be upturned. However, British travellers are still likely to be inconvenienced by Brexit, because the EU may introduce a system where countries are required to apply for electronic authorisation in advance to visit certain countries, even if they're visa exempt.

When it comes to the UK work permit and British citizens working in the EU, the future is even cloudier. Theresa May's government plans to settle these questions as part of the future relationship discussions to take place between the UK and EU next year.

For now, the move on UK visas and visitation in the EU is part of the European Union's planning for the possibility of a no-deal Brexit. In a recent statement, a spokesperson for the European Commission said that the proposal has been made to give UK citizens visa-free travel throughout the EU, even after the UK withdraws from the European Union.

The policy for travelling without visas will apply to British citizens visiting the 22 EU member countries that are part of both the Schengen area and the Schengen-associated states including Lichtenstein, Iceland, Switzerland, and Norway. If the proposal is successful, it will also apply to visitation rules for Bulgaria, Romania, Cyprus, and Croatia, which follow the same policies as Schengen.