News Archive - November 2018

New Changes to UK Work Permit and Visa In-Country Process

21 Nov 2018 | Posted by Carl Thomas

The UK Visas and Immigration group, otherwise known as UKVI have taken steps to improve the way that UK work permit and visa applications can be submitted from within the UK. The changes also apply to people applying for work or study visas.

Under the new process, people applying for a tier 2 work permit will be able to scan supporting documents through an online portal. After uploading their forms to apply for a work permit, UK applicants would be required to appear in a UK visa and citizenship location to have their biometric details recorded. If everything goes smoothly, people applying for UK visas should be able to leave the office with their passport in-hand.

There is also an option for applicants seeking UK visas to have a biometrics team visit their home, although a priority fee will be applied for the service.

The new service launched on the 5th of November this year, with appointments in some locations available from the 2nd of November online. Key changes to the system include:

• Facilities for digitally uploading supporting evidence for your UK work permit and visa applications.
• The option to retain passports and valuable evidence while your UK visas are being considered
• The introduction of 50 new service centres where applicants can go to provide biometric information.
• New value-added services available at certain centres, including next-day appointments and extended opening hours.
• On-demand application services available at customer homes, employer offices and university campuses.

New locations for applicants to use when submitting their immigration UK visas will continue to appear throughout the rest of the year. Although essential appointments are available for free, there will be fees for customers who require priority services.
Currently, there are three main tiers of application to choose from, including:

• The standard service which offers a decision within 12 weeks
• The priority service which provides a decision within 10 days
• The super priority service which offers a decision within 24 hours

Whichever service applicants choose for their UK work service application, the majority of applications will still be able to choose whether to enroll in the biometrics procedure and submit evidence via new services.

The option will still be available to use the post office and other existing services.