News Archive - January 2018

Think tank proposes anti-social hours UK visa

29 Jan 2018 | Posted by Carl Thomas

EU migrants who are happy to work anti-social hours should be given priority for UK visas over other low-skilled workers when Britain leaves the European Union, according to a report from think tank Policy Exchange.

The report suggests that the government should introduce a “bias” towards those happy to take roles that require evening, night and weekend work, including those in security, health and manufacturing.

Under the proposed scheme, the report suggests that EU nationals are likely to require UK work permits and so should be offered the option of a special “anti-social hours” UK visa where applicable.

The report comments that many migrants, particularly those from central and eastern Europe, often make their way to Britain purely in the hope of earning money and have few family responsibilities.

It goes on to suggest that the government should take advantage of these alternative priorities by giving preference to those seeking UK work permits for a job with anti-social hours.

David Goodhart, author of the report and Policy Exchange’s head of demography, immigration and integration, commented: “The Government, in partnership with industry and the Migration Advisory Committee, needs to set out how they will gradually reduce low-skilled immigration from the EU, whilst maintaining a route for workers coming to do jobs with antisocial hours.”