News Archive - October 2017

Children ‘must be taught benefits of UK immigration’

16 Oct 2017 | Posted by Carl Thomas

Children must be taught about the benefits of UK immigration if Prime Minister Theresa May is to reach her goal of tackling racial injustice in Britain, according to the country’s anti-discrimination watchdog.

The Equality and Human Rights Commission has called on May to address inequalities by placing UK immigration in the national curriculum and tackling the issue at a young age.

According to the organisation, by discussing the topic with young children while they’re still in the school environment, the government could “tackle prejudiced attitudes” and help children to understand different backgrounds.

Former UK government mental health campaigner Natasha Devon has mirrored the calls, suggesting that a change in national curriculum could help to combat the belief that UK immigration is a threat to the country’s native population.

One point David Issac, chairman of the Commission, hopes will be central to any lessons on the subject is the vital role immigration has played in the country’s history, from ancient Britain to the UK today.

“As classrooms become more diverse, it’s important that children fully understand the role immigration has had in shaping our communities,” he said.

“Teaching immigration will instil shared values, help tackle prejudiced attitudes, and foster community cohesion, allowing our young people to fully participate in a democratic society.”

The calls come after the Prime Minister issued a “race audit”, which highlighted the issues of inequality currently faced by a number of ethnic groups around Britain.

In response to the figures, May stated that measures had to be taken in order to create an equal society. “What this audit shows is there isn't anywhere to hide. That's not just for Government, it's for society as a whole,” she said.