News Archive - September 2016

Couple win right to remain after language mix-up

07 Sep 2016 | Posted by Carl Thomas
A couple from Zimbabwe who came to the UK to escape from Robert Mugabe’s regime have won a battle to have their UK visa extended.
It has taken Yvonne and Clive Karusseit six months to get to this stage after the immigration authorities told them they had not proved they could speak English. English is the couple’s first language and they expected they would be informed if they were required to sit an English language test as part of the application process.
The couple fled to the UK is 2010 with Yvonne’s father, who had suffered a number of strokes following the murder of her brother Terry Ford. Terry was a farmer and his murder made international headlines.
Yvonne’s father died two years ago and the Karusseit’s efforts to win leave to remain status in the UK has been hampered by the lack of an English language test paper. The couple, who live in Derbyshire, saw their application to remain rejected on these grounds and because their visas had expired in the meantime, they were unable to submit a fresh application to remain the in the UK.
After a six-month battle, which has seen their local community rally around and start a petition in their support, the couple have now been told they can stay in Britain for a further two and a half years. They will be required to resubmit their application for permanent residency during this time. It means Mr Karusseit can return to the job that has been held open for him. His wife cares for her elderly mother.

The couple now plan to resubmit their application with the help of a lawyer to ensure there are no more mistakes.