Polish Prince challenges UKIP leader to duel over UK immigration attitudes

15 Apr 2015 | Posted by Carl Thomas

A Polish prince whose family has been living in UK since the Second World War has challenged the leader of the UK Independence Party to a duel – either by swords or by words – over his anti-immigration stance.

John Zylinski threw down the gauntlet to Nigel Farage via a video, because he said he had had enough of Mr Farage’s attitudes towards Polish people in the UK. He cited the incident where the politician blamed immigrants for traffic jams on the M40 as the “most idiotic example” of the discrimination he had heard.

Mr Zylinski challenged the UKIP leader to a duel in London’s Hyde Park, with the sword he said his father had used when leading a cavalry charge against the Nazis at the start of the Second World War in 1939. Alternatively, he said he would be prepared to meet Mr Farage in a TV studio for a televised debate ahead of next month’s General Election.

Mr Zylinski said: "I've realised that now what I have to do is to stand up in defence of my people in this country in the UK. I've had enough of discrimination against Polish people in this country."

His family were refugees from the Nazis who settled in Britain when Germany annexed Poland at the start of the Second World War. He continues to hold the hereditary title of Prince, although it has no power in the UK or Poland.

Mr Farage rejected the challenge of taking part in either a sword fight or a debate with the Prince. The UKIP leader said he had been aiming to keep violence out of the election.