News Archive - December 2015

PM tells Canadian woman to try again for UK visa

31 Dec 2015 | Posted by Carl Thomas

A Canadian woman, whose case was raised in Parliament when her visa application to live in the UK with her ill husband was rejected, has been told by the Prime Minister to make another application.

Maria Summers has been married to British national David for 45 years. The couple had moved back to the UK from Canada to care for his elderly mother in Hereford, when it was discovered Mr Summers was suffering from bladder cancer. He has since had surgery and flew out to Canada to spend Christmas with his wife after his operation.

Mrs Summers was originally told she could not have a UK visa permitting her to settle in Britain permanently because the authorities did not believe the couple were in an affectionate relationship. Her second application was turned down because officials said the couple did not have enough money to meet requirements, which the Summers say is not true.

Mrs Summers was forced to return to Canada instead of being able to stay in Britain to care for her husband during his cancer treatment. Further scans following Mr Summers’ surgery show that there is another mass requiring treatment.

The case was raised in the House of Commons by Jesse Norman, MP for Hereford and South Herefordshire. The Prime Minister said he would look again at the case.

Now Mrs Summers has been sent a copy of the letter from David Cameron to Mr Norman.

She told the BBC: "It says to give all relevant information and go from there. So that is what I will do.

"David came to Canada on November 16. He will be going back to England in January, while I continue my fight for a visa. At least this Christmas we will be together."