News Archive - September 2014

European commissioner tells UK ‘stop moaning about migrants’

16 Sep 2014 | Posted by Carl Thomas

A top European Commissioner has told the UK to stop complaining about EU migrants and provide them with the support they need, rather than simply taking advantage of the economic and financial benefits they provide for the country.

László Andor, who last year said the UK risked being seen as the “nasty country of Europe” over its attitude towards immigration, called on Britain to provide a better infrastructure of public services and housing to cater for the increasing population.

He said that workers coming to Britain from the EU meant British nationals paid less tax than they would otherwise do, the Daily Mail reported.

“In countries with significant incoming migration, there can be problems when there is a large, sudden influx of people from other EU countries in to particular towns or areas, putting a strain on schools, housing, healthcare and infrastructure,” said the EU Commissioner for employment, social affairs and inclusion.

“But the answer to these problems is to invest in new facilities, housing and services, not to turn away people that are working hard and more than paying their share into the UK’s budget.”

His comments were criticised by Home Secretary Theresa May, who said the remarks showed the EU was on the “wrong side” of the migration argument.

It comes as a new report from Sheffield University said that the fast population growth the UK is currently experiencing is partly to blame for a fall in living standards. But it also found that a larger population was necessary in order to ensure the economy has sufficient workers to continue expanding.