Nick Clegg declares Lib Dems as 'internationalist party'

05 Aug 2014 | Posted by Carl Thomas

The Liberal Democrat leader and Deputy Prime Minister has declared this week that his party is the only real "internationalist party" in British politics at the moment.

After Prime Minister David Cameron reignited his strong anti-immigration stance as he declared new methods to crackdown on immigration, the Deputy PM has taken his party away from the coalition stance on UK immigration and said that he wants Britain to be outward facing.

He said: "If you come here, if you play your part, Britain will give you a chance."

The news reiterates what has long been suspected – UK immigration will be a major fighting point in the coming election. Labour, who under Tony Blair's leadership had been very much pro-immigration, have reversed their stance and are looking to implement a lot more control on who comes into the country. The Conservatives have long-held the belief that UK immigration needs to be reduced and, while the Liberal Democrats have been forced to tow the line in this approach during the coalition years, Clegg's statements this week mark the start of their breakaway and decision to position themselves as a pro-immigration party.

He is keen to emphasis a "firm but fair" and "tough but smart" UK visa and immigration system that will ensure that people are paid a fair wage whether they are migrants or British citizens. As with the other parties, he is keen to reduce any abuse of the system and will take a particularly strong stance on 'sham marriages' - used to falsely acquire UK spouse visas.

The months leading up to next year's election are likely to see many more speeches and statements regarding the immigration issue as the parties seek to win the approval of the British public and create a positive set of policies for the country and its economy.