UK immigrants reminded of need to learn English

19 May 2014 | Posted by Carl Thomas

People considering applying for a UK visa or work permit have been reminded of the importance of learning the English language if they want to move to the country.

Sajid Javid, the Culture Secretary and the first Asian secretary of state, said in an interview with the Sunday Telegraph that immigrants who are coming to Britain need to “respect our way of life”. He clarified that this means “things like trying to learn English”.

The Culture Secretary, who is himself a son of Pakistani immigrants, added: “People want Britain to have more control over its borders, and I think they are right.

“People also say, when immigrants do come to Britain, that they should come to work, and make a contribution.”

The comments come amid heated debate over how to handle immigration, sparked in part by the growing popularity of the UK Independence Party who are keen to close the UK's open borders system with the European Union.

Reports of Sharia law courts being established in cities including Birmingham, Manchester and London have also sparked controversy and calls for those on UK visas to adapt to British law and culture.

Mr Javid remarked: “Were people want to have their own private arrangements between them, that is a matter for them. But there is no place for Sharia law in British law.”

He added that he is concerned by rumours regarding a plot to push radical Islam through state schools in Birmingham.

Despite the shock tactics used in the media and by certain radical groups, Mr Javid was keen to note that the “vast majority” of immigrants in Britain are very keen to integrate and give back to British society.