Man battles for UK spouse visa

26 Apr 2011 | Posted by Carl Thomas

A British man from Halifax is battling to gain a UK spouse visa for his Brazilian wife.

Craig Divers married his bride Julianna in October last year but has so far been unable to get a UK spouse visa, the Halifax Courier reported.

According to the paper, the bride received a letter from the UK Border Agency remarking that no evidence of photographs with declarations of acquaintance from friends or family had been supplied as requested.

However, Mr Divers explained that the information and supporting evidence was not asked for during the application process.

"In a matter of days this information could have been provided - and will be now - but despite the Border Agency stating previously that they investigate applications neither my wife, myself, or my employers were contacted to supply the required information," he added.

Mr Divers believed that the couple were victims of a 'shambolic' UK immigration system.

The pair met in 2003 while the Briton was travelling. However, he visited three times in 2005 and again in 2007 before his bride-to-be stopped in the UK for over two months in 2006 and another period in 2008.

The proposal came in Brazil during 2009 and 200 guests were in attendance at the couple's wedding.

Mr Divers then lived with his wife in one of her parents' properties in Brazil where they had hoped to arrange the UK spouse visa.

Unfortunately, the process proved to be "more protracted and difficult than expected" and the pair are still contesting the issue today.