Tier 4 UK visa changes approaching

18 Apr 2011 | Posted by Carl Thomas

Changes to Tier 4 UK visas will come into force later this week as part of a number of changes being implemented in the UK immigration system.

From April 21st, new sponsors not already on the Tier 4 register will be required to meet the new educational accreditation criteria before they will be issued with a licence.

At the same time existing sponsors will be subject to a limit on the number of students they can sponsor unless they hold the status of Highly Trusted Sponsor and they meet the new accreditation criteria.

Other changes will include the tightening of the English language requirements for students coming to the UK.

Meanwhile, it has been suggested that universities and colleges are not entirely happy with the outcome of the UK immigration debate.

Dina Giannikopoulou, a researcher at the Association of MBAs, told Business Week that business schools have been worried overseas students might not come to the UK if the government fails to offer an alternative to the current post-study work visa option.

The government is due to close the Tier 1 Post Study Work Route from April next year, although some switching into Tier 2 will be permitted.

Ms Giannikopoulou remarked: "I wouldn't say schools are happy with what happened, but it could have been a lot worse."