Indian workers 'concerned about Tier 2 work permit changes'

22 Mar 2011 | Posted by Carl Thomas

Skilled workers and companies in India are concerned about the impending changes to be made to UK Tier 2 work permits, recent comments have suggested.

From April 6th, the government's latest changes to UK immigration will come into effect, with Tier 2 work permits capped at an annual allowance of 20,700.

Furthermore, a number of jobs have been removed entirely from the skilled jobs list that relates to Tier 2 work permits.

Certain categories of chefs, butchers and care home workers will be removed from the Tier 2 work permit shortage list entirely.

This means that the number of jobs in this category made available to migrant workers will be halved.

A spokesperson for the British High Commission told the Indian Economic Times that the new rules are "likely to impact the number of applicants globally".

However, the representative noted that the majority of Tier 2 work permits issued to skilled workers from India are made available through the intra-company transfer (ICT) route.

This is exempt from the new cap on numbers so long as the applicant and the position meet new standards, including a minimum salary of £40,000.

But London-based UK immigration lawyer Maria Fernandes has suggested that the changes will stop "scores of staff" coming to the UK from India to fill shortages.

She added that the plans to limit work after studies are also likely to have a "huge impact" on the UK jobs market.