Tier 2 work permit shortage occupation list 'halved'

14 Mar 2011 | Posted by Carl Thomas

The list of shortage occupations that UK Tier 2 work permit holders can apply to has been halved.

According to the Home Office, the government has now reduced the number of potential posts open to skilled migrant workers through the Tier 2 work permit system by around 270,000.

This has been achieved by removing eight occupations from the shortage occupation list, which means that the 500,000 jobs that were available to migrants have been cut to just 230,000.

Included in the cuts are take away workers, senior care workers, sheep shearers and pipe welders.

The decision comes at the suggestions of the Migration Advisory Committee, which had been requested to review the country's skills shortages.

Damian Green, the UK immigration minister, commented: "These changes to the shortage occupation list will ensure that only skilled workers are coming to the UK through Tier 2 of the points-based system.

"It will allow firms to bring in people with necessary skills without migrants becoming the first resort to fill a wide range of available jobs."

He added that the decision will help the government with its plans to "get people back to work and provide businesses with the skills they need from the British workforce – reducing the need for migrants at the same time as we reduce their number".