Tier 2 work permit list to have jobs removed

03 Mar 2011 | Posted by Carl Thomas

Eight positions should be removed from the Tier 2 work permit shortage occupation list, the MAC has advised.

The Tier 2 work permit shortage occupation list should have eight job titles removed, the Migration Advisory Committee (MAC) has recommended.

According to the committee, integrity pipe welder, skilled meat boner, skilled meat trimmer, and skilled senior care worker are all positions that ought to be removed in order to bring the shortage occupation list into line with the rest of Tier 2 work permit regulations.

The MAC has made the adjustments, it claims, to help the government achieve its objective of raising the skills level of Tier 2 work permits to National Qualifications Framework level 4 and above (NQF4+).

Meanwhile, certain job titles have been recommended for amendment, including chef jobs. The research found that only a small proportion of chefs are skilled to NQF4+ and as such chef jobs on the list should be restricted to those requiring a minimum of five years relevant experience of a minimum salary of £28,260 a year.

Professor David Metcalf, chair of the MAC, commented on the news: "Placing limits on migration requires that we are far more selective and ensure only highly skilled migrant workers can come to work in the UK.

"For instance, only the top five per cent of chef jobs will be open to Tier 2 workers under these recommendations as a result of a more stringent earnings threshold."

The MAC estimated that Tier 2 work permit applicants will have access to less than one per cent of the UK labour market, should the recommendations be implemented.