News Archive - October 2011

Amendments to Tier 2 work permit shortage list accepted

19 Oct 2011 | Posted by Carl Thomas

The government has accepted the amendments to the shortage list for Tier 2 work permits proposed by the Migration Advisory Committee (MAC).

Earlier this year, MAC set out a list of jobs that it believes can be covered by skilled workers already resident in the UK. As a result, a number of positions will no longer be open to application for residents from outside of the European Economic Area through the Tier 2 work permit route.

The number of jobs covered by the list will drop by 40,000, bringing the total down to 190,000 when the revised list comes into effect from November 14th.

Among the positions to be dropped are secondary education biology teachers, pharmacists, orthoptists and veterinary surgeons.

However, actuaries, high integrity pipe welders, environmental scientists and geochemists will all be added to the list as it appears the UK is lacking in these specific skills.

Damian Green, the UK immigration minister, commented on the situation: “Alongside our limits on overseas workers we are also taking action to provide businesses with the skills they need from the British workforce and reduce their need for migrants.

“We want the brightest and the best people from outside the EU with the skills we can benefit from in the UK.”

Once the revised list comes into force, it will apply to all applications by Tier 2 sponsors for restricted certificates of sponsorship in relation to applicants covered by the annual UK work permit limit.

For those applications not included in the limit,, the list will apply to all unrestricted certificates of sponsorship assigned to migrants on or after the November deadline.