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Workers found in Taunton without correct UK visas

25 Jan 2011 | Posted by Carl Thomas
Workers found in Taunton without correct UK visas

Four men have been found to be working in Tuanton without the correct UK visas.

Acting on intelligence, immigration offers from the UK Border Agency (UKBA) went to Pink Garlic restaurant to check the immigration status of the staff.

A total of three Bangladeshi men were found to have entered the UK illegally, all working in the kitchens.

Furthermore, a Turkish man was discovered in Munchies restaurant nearby working behind the counter.

The 23-year-old has stayed in the country illegally after the expiration of his UK visa.

Kenny Chapman, head of the UKBA's local immigration team for the South West, commented: "We are sending a simple, clear message to people flouting the law - more raids are planned and you will be caught.

"It is the legal responsibility of all employers to check that employees have the right to work in the UK and we are happy to provide help for people who want to play by the rules."

The offenders have been dealt with by police officers and must remain in contact with immigration officials pending the arrangement of their deportation.

However, the business involved could face substantial fines if it cannot be proved that they conducted the correct right-to-work checks before employing them.

These checks include asking to see a passport or a UK work permit. Fines of £10,000 per illegal worker can be imposed if these investigations were not carried out.