News Archive - December 2010

UK visa applicants require biometrics

17 Dec 2010 | Posted by Carl Thomas

New rules mean that migrants are required to supply their biometric information.

UK visa applicants will now be required to supply their biometric information when applying for certain Tier 1 visas or Tier 5 visas.

The UK work permits for temporary employment require the submission of a facial photograph and fingerprints following changes implemented on December 14th.

Along with these details, the permit will display the name, date and place of birth of the migrant, their immigration status and any entitlements they have whilst resident in the UK.

Migrants can enrol their information with the UK Border Agency if they are keen to extend their UK visa under the points-based system for Tier 1 or Tier 5.

The biometric residence permits are being issued in order to protect the identities of genuine applicants. Furthermore, the system should make things simpler for overseas nationals to demonstrate to UK employers that they are entitled to take employment in the country.

The change follows news that from April 2011, Tier 1 visas for exceptional talent will be capped at 1,000 a year.

UK immigration consultants will be able to supply further details regarding the new requirements.

Applicants can submit their claim by post or they can use one of the Border Agency's biometric enrolment walk-in centres.