News Archive - December 2010

Loss of UK spouse visa sees Thai woman deported

03 Dec 2010 | Posted by Carl Thomas

A Thai woman has been denied entry to the UK after her UK spouse visa was cancelled.

Kanokrat Nimsamoot, a 41-year-old journalist who married a Scottish businessman in 2008, found herself refused entry to the UK at Glasgow Airport earlier this year.

She was held in cells overnight while the authorities contacted her husband, a kilt maker from the Scottish borders. After hearing that the marriage was over and he did not wish to see her again, Ms Nimsamoot's UK spouse visa was cancelled and she was deported.

Ms Nimsamoot has since sought the advice of immigration lawyers to ascertain if she has grounds to claim "unlawful detention" after she was held overnight without a proper charge and her marriage document was confiscated.

The Thai lady claimed that the marriage struggled due to the pair's "very, very different cultures", adding that her difficulties with the English language prevented her from getting a job in the UK, resulting in further pressure on the marriage.

The news follows changes to UK immigration rules, implemented by the Home Office earlier this week (Monday November 29th). The new guidelines will require people applying for UK spouse visas to pass a basic English test before they are permitted to reside in the UK.

Damian Green, immigration minister, commented: "Speaking English promotes integration into British society and broadens opportunities.

"The new rules will help ensure that migrant spouses are able to participate in British life from the outset and integrate more easily into our society."