News Archive - January 2020

Family Report That They’re Thriving in the UK After a Long Fight for UK Visas

22 Jan 2020 | Carl Thomas

Fathima Irshad, a local resident of Scotland, recently spoke to the National Scot Newspaper about her ten-year battle to achieve a UK work permit and indefinite leave to remain in the UK. According to Fathima, she was once homeless, destitute, and doing everything she could to stay in Scotland, even as she continued to care for her two children.

Irshad and her husband fled from their native country of Sri Lanka after threats of violence and have since lived at a variety of different addresses across the UK since they began their battle for the correct UK visas. The pair had just become parents when they arrived in Glasgow, living in a room that was provided by a friend. In 2018, the family was finally granted indefinite leave to remain in the UK. The family of four has secured a permanent address for the first time through a housing association in Glasgow.

Though the quest for the right UK work permit and visa solution has been a long one for this family, it’s just one example of many families who go through similar solutions to find the right strategy to live and work in the UK. The permission to finally remain the UK was given to Fathima and her family soon after she was forced to leave a temporary residence in Glasgow because of abusive neighbours.

Although Irshad achieved refugee status, her story will resonate with a lot of the people coming into the UK for different purposes than safety, including opportunities offered by a tier 2 work permit, as well as though seeking spouse visas and UK fiancé visas. As we move into the new future after Brexit, many families moving in the UK will be left to wonder how long it will take to secure their immigration UK visas, and what they will need to do to achieve their own happy endings.