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Relieved Mum Discusses the Benefits of UK Immigration Consultants and Community Help

19 Jan 2020 | Carl Thomas

A mother from Manningtree recently spoke out about her battle with UK visas and UK work permits in a local publication. Shannon Taylor lost her right to work in the country after her tier 2 work permit was revoked. She was also evicted from her flat a week before the Christmas celebrations began. However, despite the terrible experience, Taylor noted that the support she had received from both UK immigration consultants and her local community had helped her to get through.

Shannon noted that the love and support of her community allowed her to live in someone else’s annex while she waited for a new visa, giving herself and her children a place to stay. She acknowledged the caring and kindness of strangers who helped her with moving her furniture into storage and gave her a free place to live.

In a rapid turn of events that has moved a lot more quickly than many UK work permit applications, Shannon reached out to the Home Office to appeal the loss of her UK visa. Fortunately, she was given a family visa for her and her 21-year-old son and 15-year-old daughter. Both Mrs. Taylor and her eldest child have started to work again since the upset.

Mrs. Taylor commented that although the whole experience has been very unsettling and stressful, access to the right guidance and support has made the process a lot easier. She also said that although things are still difficult since she doesn’t have a house of her own, she feels that things will feel as though they’re back to normal once her family has found a safe place to live long-term.
Shannon’s story is just one of many similar insights into the kind of stressful experiences that people in search of immigration UK solutions can go through.

Fortunately, in this case, guidance and help from the right community meant that Mrs. Taylor and her loved ones could overcome the problem as quickly as possible and get back to work in the new year.