News Archive - January 2020

Will EU Citizens Pay “Teachers Tax” for UK Work Permit?

15 Jan 2020 | Carl Thomas

As Brexit looms closer for the UK, scheduled to take place at the end of January, think tanks and educational groups are beginning to discuss the fact that EU teachers may struggle to enter the country. The suggested guidelines for the UK work permit will mean that EU teachers will face fees of around £4,345 to work in the UK for around five years following Brexit. This is a move that many believe will lead to a serious recruitment crisis, according to ministers around the country.

Additionally, the educational bodies in the country have suggested that immigration to the UK for teachers will be very difficult because of all the red tape they need to overcome. Before teacher qualifications are recognised by the UK work permit, experts may need to spend months filling out forms. This would add further delays to a process that can already take around four months in England.

Despite the government promising extra visa assistance for NHS staff and other experts, the UK has seen a significant plunge in recruits from across the EU after the Brexit referendum. Additionally, teacher training targets have now been missed for the seventh consecutive year. The country relies on thousands of EU teachers every year to keep the educational landscape in the UK up and running. Unfortunately, teachers are now getting a cold shoulder from Britain.

The new “tax” adding up to over £4,000 over five years, will be imposed because of two changes planned by Boris Johnson’s government. The first change is requiring teachers from the EU to access a tier 2 work permit. The second change is the upcoming hike to the immigration health surcharge that is paid to the NHS by all migrants.

The government will also be recognising teaching qualifications from the EU, but teachers will require national regulators to write letters confirming their professional training. This could lead to more delays and expenses for people who want to enter the UK to teach after Brexit.