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Will the UK Really Introduce a Vindaloo Visa?

21 Sep 2019 | Carl Thomas

With concerns about the difficulty of obtaining a tier 2 work permit leading to issues for curry houses around the country, Priti Patel, the Home Secretary for the UK claims to have a solution. Early in September 2019, Patel unveiled plans to lift some of the UK work permit restrictions that prevent skilled chefs from entering the country.

Responding to fears that the favourite takeaway of the British people might be facing extinction, Ms Patel said that before the country introduces a new points-based immigration system after Brexit, they will also be introducing new rules. These new guidelines should make it easier for restaurants to get access to the high-skilled chefs that they need, without having to worry about relying exclusively on the tier 2 work permit.

According to recent research in the UK, curry houses are currently closing at a rate of 2 per week, caused in large part by a lack of access to the UK work permit and other UK visas. The industry is begging ministers and government officials for help to bring more talent into the country. After PM Boris Johnson promised that Britain would begin opening its doors to more of the brightest and best talent in the world, Priti Patel followed up.

Ms Patel said that the Home Office will be lifting restrictions so that they can bring chefs in from India and other countries too. The Home Office believes the action will be a positive one for all takeaways and eateries, not just the curry houses of the nations.

Crucially, the new rules will be based on the tier 2 work permit, but they won't hold as many of the same restrictions that might prevent the country from accessing more talent. For instance, recruits moving to Britain to work in curry houses won't need to meet the £35,800 earning threshold given to other people on a tier 2 work permit.