Immigration UK Rules to Change Immediately After No-Deal Brexit

25 Aug 2019 | Carl Thomas

Discussions are ongoing about the changes that might occur with the UK work permit and UK visas if Britain goes ahead with a no-deal Brexit at the end of October this year. According to the UK government, one thing that we do know for certain is that EU free movement rules will immediately come to an end if we leave the EU without a deal.

While Theresa May, the previous Prime Minister, had considered gradually phasing the free movement rules out if the UK agreed to a no-deal Brexit, those plans have been dropped completely according to a recent report. The change to the nature of the UK work permit and EU free movement rules will affect the rights of all EU citizens that arrive in the UK from the first of November.
One Lib Dem MP referred to the decision to eliminate free movement as "reckless" and irresponsible.

However, when speaking about the new plans on the 19th of August, Boris Johnson said that his strategy would mean that the UK wouldn't become "hostile" to immigration but would be more "democratically controlled" following Brexit.

Under Mrs May's government, there were two options in consideration for prolonging the EU freedom of movement rules. The first option was to extend the rules until January 2021, while the second option was to allow EU citizens to stay in the UK for three months without UK visas, before they were required to apply for a longer stay.

Boris Johnson has not yet outlined the details of his new plans for immigration and the UK work permit in detail, but he has officially declared Mrs. May's ideas as abandoned. EU citizens in the UK currently have until December 2020 to apply for the right to remain under their settled scheme status.

After Brexit, the government, including Boris Johnson, will outline a new immigration system that Johnson has claimed will prioritise supporting people with valuable skills that want to come to the UK.