UK Home Office Outsources Immigration UK Operations 'On the Cheap'

23 Jul 2019 | Posted by Carl Thomas

Amid countless complaints from Think Tanks and official bodies about the UK work permit and UK visas, the Home Office has now been accused of outsourcing immigration efforts "on the cheap." According to reports from David Bolt - a man providing independent scrutiny of the UK's British Naturalisation and immigration management policy - funding shortages and lack of interest from ministers has lead to significant problems.

Bolt acknowledged that to manage the capacity of the UK border, the Home Office has started to make subcontracting part of its day-to-day activities. This means that the Immigration UK body now has less control over its own operations.

David questioned whether there has been significant visibility around the way that the Home Office had passed their work over to external agencies in recent months. Doctors and landlords have also been responsible for carrying out immigration checks to cut costs. This reveal comes at a time where think tanks are issuing statements about the concerns of the caps on tier 2 work permit schemes.

The Home Office has also come under significant fire in the last year for its poor treatment of people who should have a right to live in the UK. This is an issue that has been encapsulated by the Windrush scandal. Additionally, the Home Office has also been accused of creating unnecessary barriers for people who are attempting to apply for UK work permits and UK visas.

According to the chief inspector, although there are Home Office processes that are working well today, there are other parts of the environment that aren't operating as effectively. The Home Office is increasingly being forced to outsource due to a lack of funding and an absence of passion or interest from the people available in the department. This could be an issue that leads to further problems and complaints in the months to come, particularly in the period around Brexit.