UK Immigration Issues with the EU Settled Scheme Continue

15 Jun 2019 | Posted by Carl Thomas

As UK work permit issues and concerns around UK visas continue to present problems for the government, the Home Office is now facing additional issues with the EU settled scheme. Recently, the policy came under strong criticism from MPs, despite the Home Office stating that so far, the project has been a success.

According to MPs and think tanks, people are concerned that the EU settled status scheme for people with UK visas is not fit for purpose. The strategy relies on automated data checks to ensure that individuals have the right UK work permits and documents to remain settled within the UK. Some candidates for the conservative party, including Michael Gove, have said that the scheme may need to be overhauled completely.

While the current application process for the EU settled status seems to be relatively straightforward, there are still some problems to address, according to MPs. Some people affected by both Brexit and the scheme are even refusing to cooperate with the system. These people say that they have already applied for the UK work permits and other documents required to be in the UK. In their opinion, they shouldn't have to apply for a new status to remain in the country.

Many people who feel uncomfortable about the settled scheme issue are working in prominent roles - such as NHS nursing and doctor positions. Unfortunately for the people who are rallying against the settlement scheme, if they don't seek an alternative strategy to remain in the UK, they could end up having to get the assistance of UK immigration lawyers instead. The problems that people currently have with the EU settled scheme may well have a long-standing effect on the way that EU citizens apply to live and work within the UK.

According to Michael Gove, a declaration scheme may need to be implemented to ensure that EU citizens that were residents in the UK before the 2016 referendum occurred will be able to remain in the country without re-applying for settled status.