UK Immigration Issues Raised by Home Office Threatening Coma Woman with Deportation

23 May 2019 | Carl Thomas

The Home Office has once again come under fire this month due to its questionable treatment of people applying for UK work permits, and indefinite leave to remain in the UK. The UK immigration government department has been accused of being insensitive and cruel after they threatened a woman in a coma with deportation.

The woman, Bhavani Esapathi, was in a vegetative state after undergoing a major operation. Despite her critical condition, she received a letter telling her that her request for indefinite leave to remain in the UK had not been approved

The letter refusing Esapathi her UK visa said that she might be "forcibly" removed from the country. Her fiancé appealed against the decision while his partner was unconscious, providing letters from the woman's doctors that claimed that her life would be at risk if she was forced to travel. However, the Home Office responded to the appeal and denied it. Despite agreeing that Bhavani would be "unlikely" to receive the same level of care in India, they said that this did not entitle her to stay in the UK.

The Home Office also claimed that Esapathi could receive palliative care in her home country. According to UK immigration consultants and lawyers, the case is evidence that the Home Office in the UK has no problem sending people "to their death" outside of the country. This case marks the latest in a string of incidents where issues about the UK work permit and immigration visa have caused people to question the ethics of the Home Office.

Ms. Esapathi was working in the Arts industry before she became ill with Crohns disease and needed a life-changing operation. She said that she would be putting her life at risk if she was forced to leave the country. However, the Home Office claimed that even if the drugs Ms. Esapathi needed weren't available overseas, she could still get palliative care.