Research Suggests New UK Visas Will Discriminate Against Women

07 May 2019 | Posted by Carl Thomas

According to recent research revealed by Catherine Briddick, a lecturer in forced migration and gender, the recently changed rules around the UK work permit and immigration may discriminate against women. Catherine explained that the latest changes to the tier 2 work permit, and UK visas will ensure that men are more likely to benefit from the opportunity to live in the UK than women.

The research that Catherine conducted into UK visas found that three-quarters of the people that were given the tier 2 work permit status of "skilled" worker were men. Unfortunately, three-quarters of the people given the title of "domestic worker" were women. The rules that are in place to determine who should be given certain migrant statuses discriminate against women because they're built on old-fashioned stereotypes.

According to Ms. Briddick, the outlines currently in place for distributing UK work permit status are based on stereotypes, like assuming women will be more suited to social care, and that such work is almost always a low-skilled occupation. Briddick also cites additional research in her immigration UK study, from the professor of social policy at Middlesex University, Eleonore Kofman. According to Kofman, although the "skills" assessed for UK visas appear to be gender neutral, they often give additional privilege to certain kinds of knowledge.

A range of researchers are now beginning to suggest that the establishment of a more hierarchal and segmented system for the UK work permit will be problematic. These new rules around immigration, if they rely on stereotypes to separate different kinds of employees, will significantly harm women who are trying to move into the country.

Briddick believes that a change in the Immigration UK laws is required and that the most recent adaptation isn't right for the country. Catherine Briddick's research comes alongside a range of other debates launched about the new rules for UK visas.