Toddler Ordered to Leave the UK Despite Dad's Tier 2 Work Permit

29 Apr 2019 | Posted by Carl Thomas

The toddler of a doctor who moved to the UK with a tier 2 work permit recently has been told to leave the country. The UK immigration team at the Home Office wrote to NHS doctor Magdi Ibrahim's son, telling him that his request for indefinite leave to remain in the UK had been refused.

The 18-month-old child's mother and father are distraught at the news and say that they couldn't understand why their son would be refused when both of them have the correct UK visas.

After receiving a tier 2 work permit, Magdi began working as an NHS doctor at the Blackpool Victoria Hospital Lancashire. Because his wife is classed as a dependent, she was permitted to come with Magdi on a spouse visa. However, despite son Isaac also being a dependent, immigration UK officials claim that he can only have a 6-month visitor visa. This means that Isaac will be required to leave the UK by the end of July.

According to Magdi, the letter addressed to Isaac arrived only a day after his daughter was born, and the parents were completely shocked. The couple say that they're not sure what to do about the situation and are speaking to UK immigration consultants. The couple have said that they will be forced to leave the UK as well despite Magi's tier 2 work permit if Isaac is not allowed to stay. The child has nowhere else to go, and no-one to look after him outside of the UK.

The Home Office website states that people who have a tier 2 work permit are allowed to bring family members with them into the country as dependents. Magdi's wife has been granted this status but his son has not. The couple say that they have appealed the decision and are awaiting a response at this time.
Currently, the health service of the UK is very reliant on staff coming from other countries, with about 139,000 out of more than a million NHS workers coming from outside of the country.