Brexit Requires '3 Million EU Nationals to Register UK Work Permit Status'

23 Apr 2019 | Posted by Carl Thomas

The impending Brexit situation in the UK will soon mean that 3 million EU nationals living in the country will need to register their UK work permit or visa status. According to recent reports, the arrival of the EU registration scheme for residents with UK visas will mean that all EU citizens must apply to retain their legal rights.

According to some reports, this Immigration UK process will be no small undertaking, and will require a lot of work on the behalf of immigrants. Some groups are concerned that the creation of a registration scheme for those with British naturalisation rights might lead to the creation of an "underclass" group in the UK. Now that the government is still recovering from the damage caused by the Windrush scandal, it seems that the Home office would want to avoid registration issues at all costs.

Under the Immigration UK registration scheme, the Europeans from 26 member states (not including the Irish) will be required to complete an application and provide evidence of their UK residence for the past five years. The demand for EU citizens to show their UK work permits and apply for rights all over again after living in the country for several years has caused an outcry among some groups. The government and Home Office are now facing many questions about what will happen to people who fail to provide evidence of their residency.

According to the scheme's helpline, people who have failed to complete the UK ´╗┐immigration ´╗┐ applications by the deadline of June 2021, or December 2020 if the UK doesn't receive a Brexit deal, may face immigration problems. This could mean that people who previously had British naturalisation rights suddenly become "illegal" citizens overnight.

Groups against the Immigration UK application process have pointed out that the procedure is likely to be marred by administrative problems and human errors. The Institute for Government has said that there's no chance of reaching and successfully obtaining an application for everyone with eligibility to remain in the UK.