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Post-Brexit UK Immigration Plan is ‘Badly Flawed’ According to Business Leaders

22 Feb 2019 | Posted by Carl Thomas

The recent plans revealed for UK visas following Brexit have come under significant scrutiny in recent weeks. According to many think tanks and leading experts, the new rules for the UK work permit could mean that more than 100,000 jobs are left vacant.

Not only does the post-Brexit plan create an £80 billion barrier for European students, but it also makes it harder for people to get the UK visas they need to work. The whitepaper proposes an increase in the salary cap currently applied to the tier 2 work permit. This increase would require migrants to earn £30,000 per year to successfully receive sponsorship.

According to the founder of the London Town Group, Koolesh Shah, the plan is "fundamentally flawed," particularly in the hospitality industry. Currently, the hospitality sector employs at least 70,000 EU workers - many of which earn a lot less than the wage required by the government.

The recent immigration UK whitepaper also outlines plans for new 12-month UK visas. Some believe that these plans would allow more low-skilled workers to visit the UK for up to a year. However, others feel that the temporary UK work permit may cause more problems than it solves. A change in the way that immigration is managed in the UK could increase the costs to employers when taking on staff from outside of the UK. This could also mean that companies crucial to the economy stop taking on extra team required to grow their business.

The uncertainty around Brexit and its impact on the UK work permit has already prompted many migrants to leave Britain. If UK employers can't fill the gaps that these migrant staff members leave, then many companies may begin to fail. Some business leaders argue that the new rules around UK visas will place additional pressure on employers that are already struggling in a post-Brexit environment.