News Archive - February 2019

UK Immigration Health Surcharge Doubles in January 2019

06 Feb 2019 | Posted by Carl Thomas

The Immigration health surcharge for the UK is set to be £400 per year (compared to the previous £200 per year) for many categories of UK work permit.

Some of the major UK visas affected by the increased surcharge include the tier 2 work permit, the tier 1 entrepreneur visa, and the tier 1 investor visa.

The Immigration UK fees for international students applying for the Tier 4 visa, and those applying for tier 5 permits will rise from £150 to £300 each year from last month onwards. The update to the health surcharge surrounding UK visas means that most migrants outside of the EEA will be forced to pay an increase in their health charges. This means that the UK now has some of the highest fees for visas in the world.

Along with the healthcare costs required for an applicant in search of a tier 2 work permit, there are many other expenses to think about too. Many employers will need to pay additional fees for priority processing after they apply for a sponsor license. The cost to simply bring a family into the UK could be over £20,000 in many situations.

Critics of the Health surcharge and British naturalisation costs have argued that the timing of the fee increase is very poor. The change left applicants attempting to get a UK work permit with very little time to file an application before the increases went into place on the 8th of January.

Many of the people arguing against the surcharges have said that it's unfair for people entering the UK on a tier 2 work permit to have to pay extra for health costs. Already, these individuals need to pay tax, which is responsible for funding the NHS.