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How Can Scientists Access a UK Work Permit After Brexit?

20 Dec 2019 | Posted by Carl Thomas

After months of turmoil in Britain regarding decisions about UK visas, the tier 2 work permit, and the arrival of Brexit, the Conservative party has released more information about how immigration will change after Brexit. According to a cabinet minister from parliament, the UK will be attracting the best scientists in Europe and around the world by “rolling out the red carpet” with easier to access UK work permits and visas.

Boris Johnson is preparing to speak with a number of newly-elected conservative candidates as they arrive in Parliament following a massive win for the Conservatives in the last election. The Prime Minister has stated that he is more determined now than ever before to get Brexit done, which also means updating the UK visas and Immigration in the UK after ending freedom of movement. However, the Minister for Research, Science, Universities and Innovation has also said that there’s a plan in place for how the UK can avoid falling behind on its number of available professionals.

Chris Skidmore has said that the Conservatives will be taking another look at the UK work permit and visa system to determine how it can be updated to attract more of the best and brightest minds into the country. Skidmore said that he is a big believer in ending freedom of movement, but that he wants to replace that with more opportunities for talent to enter the country.

The Conservatives want to make sure, going forward that if the UK can’t “grow” its own talent, it can still attract it from elsewhere in the world. This means offering a new enhanced UK work permit scheme that is intended to attract the top graduates from around the globe and bring them into Britain with easier application processes. The updated visa strategy will support scientists and expert minds, as well as people in the NHS and medical fields.