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Boris Johnson Faces Claims of Racism After Recent UK Work Permit Update

16 Dec 2019 | Posted by Carl Thomas

Recently, Conservative leader Boris Johnson revealed his plans to adjust the UK work permit system and separate migrants into three separate categories. The new strategy would allow for award-winning professionals and highly skilled workers to achieve different kinds of UK visas that fast-track their access to the country.

The strategy to replace the tier 2 work permit would also aim to reduce the number of people coming into the country overall.
When explaining the details of the new scheme, Johnson said that he believes that migrants in the UK have been treating the country as their own for too long. However, the Prime Minister has received some serious backlash in response to his comments. Johnson has been accused of adopting a racist tone towards the people who have fairly acquired a UK work permit and made the UK their home.

Campaigners were quick to challenge Boris’s statements. Groups have outlined that people who have arrived in Britain in the past without a job offer lined up have still been able to access a UK work permit and work hard in the country. Johnson has said that he believes that today’s UK citizens want to see more democratic control in the country when it comes to immigration. He noted that although people aren’t hostile towards immigration or immigrants, they want to see more immigration being controlled by the government.

The prime minister has also announced that he plans to force lower-skilled employees to leave the UK once their work visas expire, which has lead to even more back lash. Many groups have commented that the Conservative’s focus on retaining and attracting the best and the brightest is too narrow minded.
Business leaders have highlighted the fact that low-skilled workers are still in demand for businesses around the country.