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Tories Plan to Welcome Award-Winning Migrants with New Work Permits in the UK

15 Dec 2019 | Posted by Carl Thomas

The Conservative party recently announced their plans to reveal a new structure for the UK work permit when Britain exits the EU for good. The Tories have said that they will be placing candidates in an Australian-Style system that will control the number of UK visas given out to low-skilled workers. According to the Conservative Chief Secretary to the treasury, the new system will mean that visas can be processed a lot faster than they are today.

According to the party, it’s important to build a system that’s responsive to the needs of the current economy and society. The new system aims to welcome the best and brightest people around the world, while cutting down on immigration numbers at the same time. A conservative majority government would allow for fast-tracked UK work permit system for highly educated migrants that have demonstrated exceptional talent. People who have won awards in the past will be able to move to the UK without having a job offer first.

On the other hand, there will be an entirely different kind of UK work permit for skilled workers like doctors and other professionals who have a confirmed job offer in place. Additionally, those eligible for NHS visa support would receive fast-track entry too. There would be no limit on the numbers of immigrants that are allowed to access UK visas if they have an award-winning background.

The Tories’ approach to the altered Tier 2 work permit system would mean that low skilled workers would have a harder time getting into the country. However, there would be rules in place, according to the Conservatives to help ensure that low-skilled workers could still enter the UK when they need to fill gaps in certain labour-short environments.

Boris Johnson has said that he believes in letting people into the country if they can contribute to the growth and development of the UK. However, like other Tory leaders before him, he will be focusing on reducing immigration numbers overall.