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Boris Johnson Unveils Five-Point UK Immigration Blueprint

09 Dec 2019 | Posted by Carl Thomas

In the lead up to the new election, candidates are taking steps to beef up their policies to appeal to a wider range of voters. While Labour are focusing on fair UK work permit strategies for all immigrants and keeping people with their families when they move between countries, Boris Johnson has taken a different approach. According to a five-point blueprint outlined by the Conservatives, all visitors in the UK will need to fill out a US-style waiver form going forward.

The strategy unveiled by the Conservatives includes campaigns to count the people coming into and out of the country. The policy aims to reduce the number of criminals coming into the UK, by allowing the country to carefully assess everyone that enters the country. Biometric passports will also be required at airport security going forward too.

After Brexit, the border officials under Conservative leadership will also be given the new power to prevent EU citizens with criminal records from coming into the UK. Individual staff members will be given discretion to determine which people should be allowed into the country on the border. While this five-point plan will offer some reassurance to certain people in the UK, it could also present issues for immigration and visitation into the UK.

The new five-point plan takes another aggressive approach to managing movement and immigration in the EU and UK after Brexit takes place.

If this is the case, then the numbers of people coming into the country to fill the gaps in certain industries and support the economy could drop even further. Recently, the UK reached it’s lowest number of EU migrants in 16 years. Priti Patel, however, notes that people who voted for Brexit in 2016 were voting for the opportunity to take back control of their borders with a more significant EU migration and visitation system.

The new five point strategy aims to strengthen the UK border and make the UK more secure.