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Labour UK Work Permits Would be Given 'Based on Values'

24 Nov 2019 | Posted by Carl Thomas

According to a recent announcement by the Shadow Home Secretary, Diane Abbott, a Labour government would make “values” rather than numbers the driving force behind the decisions of who should receive a UK work permit.

This new focus on “values” for immigration in the UK would aim to challenge the edge of fear that has been characterizing the immigration debate for years, according to Abbott.

As the poling day for the UK draws closer, Abbott noted that the Labour party is working on a radical new strategy for UK visas and immigration should they be able to regain power over the conservatives. Diane announced that fairness will be the leading focus in the party’s approach. Additionally, Labour will be concentrating on making sure that people with a tier 2 work permit and other UK visas can stay with their families when they come to the UK.

Labour will be getting rid of the rules that might mean that the partner of a British resident wouldn’t be able to get a spouse visa if they didn’t meet with a specific income threshold, for instance. Although Abbott didn’t comment on how the practical details of a new UK work permit would work, she did say that Corbyn believes it’s time to change the conversation about immigration in the UK.

According to Abbott, the Windrush scandal combined with a number of other stories of public outrage about the stage of current UK visas has created a different kind of debate about how the UK work permit should be treated. Labour believes that people who come to the UK should be treated fairly and with compassion, regardless of their background.

Alternatively, the Conservative party has abolished the promise to reduce net migration to a specific number each year. Instead, Boris Johnson has switched his strategy to a new plan to create an Australian-style points system for the UK work permit, though details on this solution are also scant.