News Archive - October 2019

NHS Doctor May Lose UK Work Permit Over Application Error

08 Oct 2019 | Carl Thomas

An NHS doctor living and working in the UK has recently highlighted a growing need for UK immigration consultants and lawyers this week.

Dr. Mu-Chun Chiang is due to lose her UK work permit and be deported from the UK after a small error was found in her application for the tier 2 work permit. According to Dr. Chiang, the Home Office's decision to refuse her visa and remove her from the country had left her both devastated and shocked.

Reports on the case say that the Home Office's decision to reject the UK work permit application was based on Chiang making a minor mistake in the paperwork submitted to the government. People seeing a tier 2 work permit need to prove that they have had at least £945 days in their bank account for a period of 90 consecutive days before they submit an application.

Although Chiang had enough money in her savings account, she accidentally submitted savings related to her current account. The current account balance apparently dipped below the threshold for a short period of time during the 90-day period. The Home Office refused to consider the evidence from Chiang's savings account when it was submitted later, along with an explanation of her mistake.

The 27-year-old trainee GP was given 14 days to leave the UK, even though she was working and receiving her education in England over the last 18 years. Chiang faces expulsion even though the Health Education England group is sponsoring her training. Critics claim that this case is another example of the "hostile" immigration environment in the UK making it difficult for groups like the NHS to get the all-important talent that they need.

Chiang has currently been put on immigration bail, which means that she cannot claim benefits, study, or work, and that she could be jailed for up to six months if she doesn't agree to the terms of her deportation.